Bicycling Matters. It greatly matters to me, Wayne Pein, and to many others who ride. Riding a bike has been a passion of mine since age 2.

And, there’s a lot to bicycling: the bike itself; how to ride; infrastructure issues; politics; research; etc. I’m wild about all things bicycling.

5 Responses to “ABOUT”

  1. kelley walker Says:

    just adding reply to receive notices of new posts.

  2. Len Pavelka Says:

    Wayne – I have a question for you. Do you know of/recommend any bicycle facility assessment tools? I’m a transportation planner for an MPO writing an active transportation plan and would like to list a couple assessment tools.

    I had considered the BCI, because it is an existing tool Then. reading your critique, I have second thoughts. Any hints?


    Len Pavelka.

    • Wayne Pein Says:

      Hi Len,

      I don’t know of any assessment tool that is valid. As far as I know, they all have relied on perceptions and/or simple metrics like shown in the BCI.

      Is there such a tool for normal roads/lanes for motor vehicles? Perhaps there could be something useful as a carry over.

      Conflict assessment would be a variable of interest. Consider that when a bike lane is added to a road with intersections and driveways. Right turning motorists must now turn across the bike lane. That’s a manufactured conflict.

      Good luck,

  3. Jonathan Rund Says:

    Hi Wayne!
    Trying to get in touch!
    Jonathan Rund

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