These are my critiques of bicycling research papers. Such “research” is better described as “pseudoscience,” or “junk science.”

The following quote from page 40 of Transportation Research Board (TRB) SPECIAL REPORT 292, Safety Research on Highway Infrastructure and Operations is strongly applicable to most bicycling research.

“One outcome of the shortage of trained highway safety researchers is that the technical literature is all too often characterized by poor-quality research leading to unreliable conclusions. [See Hauer (2002a) for examples.] In most research fields, peer review is effective in restricting the number of unsatisfactory research investigations appearing in the professional literature. In the road safety field, however, a shortage of qualified reviewers has sometimes led to low barriers to publication. As illustrated by the previous examples, the publication of poor-quality research can have a lasting and deleterious effect on efforts to improve road safety.”

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