One would think that the stencil that doesn’t fit would give a clue to the crew that painted the substandard width bike lane.

Bicycle Lanes in Carrboro, NC
is a paper that examines the bike lanes in a designated “Bicycle Friendly Community” according to the League of American Bicyclists. Carrboro is and always has been an easy community in which to ride a bike in spite of, not because of, the bike lanes. The wide two-lane roads are flatter than most area roads.

Most of the bike lanes in Carrboro are sub-substandard or substandard width and are on roads with adjacent lanes narrower than the minimum specified by the NCDOT. The policy of separating bicycle drivers has had unintended consequences including debris accumulation, and reduction of bicyclist space and rights, legally or implicitly through the mis-education of the motoring public. Carrboro has even created Town Code that marginalizes bicycle users and attempts to be more restrictive than state statutes.

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