“Bicyclists on the street and sidewalk along South Columbia Street, identified in community feedback as the most stressful area of campus for bicycling.”

The consultants’ caption doesn’t match their picture. The two disparate bicyclists in this photo from page 14 of the UNC Bicycle Master Plan appear to be riding with ease.

The UNC Bicycle Master Plan is a fanciful document full of contradictions. West Cameron Avenue with bike lanes and East Cameron Avenue with traffic calming were rated both “High Stress” and “Low Stress.”

My critique of The UNC Bicycle Master Plan HERE (8 page PDF) examines “Level of Traffic Stress as Design Framework” (pages 3-6) and the improper implementation of “Ridge Road Shared Lane Markings” (pages 7-8).

Addendum: On 11/2/16 I emailed the Town of Chapel Hill informing them of the Shared Lane Marking mistakes on Ridge Road. Sometime in November SLMs were properly placed at lane center from Boshamer Stadium to Country Club Road. On 11/29/16 I was informed by traffic engineer Kumar Nepali that the misplaced SLMs from Stadium Drive to Manning Drive would be ground off and placed at lane center this spring as temperatures allow.

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